Domestic Air Conditioning Installation

domestic air conditioning installation

Domestic Air Conditioning Installation

Domestic air conditioning installation might not seem like a necessity for some of the UK residents. However, with temperatures in London and surrounding areas exceeding the 30C mark in the summer months, more people decide to install an air conditioning system at home in order to create a comfortable living environment.

Benefits of the domestic air conditioning installation:


  • Modern air conditioning units will fit seamlessly into your existing interior.
  • Our air conditioning systems can be virtually silent during operation.
  • Our units are able to efficiently cool and heat individual rooms or entire lofts.


It is common to instinctively associate the term ‘air conditioning’ with cooling, however modern domestic air conditioning systems also heat through the use of highly efficient heat-pump technology, and provide an effective level of air filtration. In turn, bedrooms, conservatories and loft conversions that are typically too hot in the summer and difficult to keep warm in the winter, can be enjoyed comfortably throughout the entire year.

At AAC, our team of expert engineers are able to design, install and maintain a wide variety of air conditioning systems for all types of commercial and domestic situations. Get in touch for more information!